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Why choose CATERWARE ?

It's a common question posed to us, and with good reason.  There are other products available, but only CATERWARE has stood the test of time, maintained fair and reasonable pricing, excellent service, and developed a reputation for robust and dependable software that provides an excellent return for your operation.

Other companies spend most of their time boasting and bragging about being "the most powerful", "the most impressive", "the most elegant"'ll hear it all.

Decide for yourself what's important for you and your operation.  You have a task at hand, it's called running your business, and it is more important than playing with your computer.

Determine your priorities and needs with genuine purpose, not marketing rhetoric.  Don't be fooled by the myth that more features will mean more return to your business.  It's simply not true.

Software should be concise, direct, and deliver consistent results.  Our motto?  Keep it simple, keep it quick, and the true, time-saving benefits of well-designed, affordable business software will become clear.


Top Reasons CATERWARE is Chosen Over Any Other Software:

Save time and money.  No, really save time and money.  Save hours every week with the effective and efficient benefits of intuitive software.

We focus on the most effective core features.  Quick navigation and simple commands without confusion and complexity. Keep it simple, keep it useful.

Fast, friendly, and knowledgeable technical support with toll-free 24/7 emergency response.

Years of career level experience in the catering industry.  Look, we’ve been in business for over a decade.  We know first hand which features you’ll use, and which extras you won’t.  It’s only impressive if it impacts the bottom line.

Quick and easy setup.  Most users are up & running in a couple of hours.

Honest and straightforward answers to your questions.  We don’t need to always answer "yes" just to score a quick sale.

We respect your decision - that’s why we offer an unrestricted trial of our software.  If you want more than a fancy slideshow presentation, Just ask us for the trial and use it for yourself.

No senseless charges; no bait & switch sales tactics.  Both of our editions are full-featured, complete packages. You won't find anything 'disabled' or unavailable just to be forced to pay more or upgrade in order to use a basic command that should be there to begin with.

No useless features.  Think about what will actually save you time. It has nothing to do with your background color, or whether you can drag around a toolbar. It's about real benefits, not the "amazing" adjectives and marketing antics of other companies.

No venue or banquet room charges.  We don’t intentionally limit our users’ database just to charge more on a per-room basis.

No fixes to download constantly.  Reliable and stable performance right from the start! Would you take your car in to be repaired every week?  Shouldn’t it work right to begin with, not after update #617?

No Hype, No BS.  We earn customers the old fashioned way – We help them with their business!  Leave the senseless hype to the other guys...

No pricing games or silly ‘special discounts’.  We offer reasonable pricing everyday. You’re a professional, and you deserve better than to be insulted by a fast-talking salesperson and the "deal for today only".  C’mon! You’re not buying a car, you’re making a critical business decision.

It’s simple: CATERWARE customers are satisfied! Other vendors concentrate a great deal on selling their product. We concentrate on our relationship with our clients to ensure that their operations are as efficient and profitable as possible.  What's more important to you?






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