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Partners for Client Service ProgramCatering Software for caterers, hotels, clubs, and banquet centers

CATERWARE Inc.  Partners for Client Service (PCS) Program  provides a vehicle for companies to share business ideas and work together to improve service to their mutual clients. We recognize that our clients use other performance software to manage critical business tasks. With this in mind, CATERWARE has taken the lead in working with other suppliers to ensure that you can use our CATERWARE software effortlessly with these other products to improve your performance and customer service.

 Timesaver Software is the leading supplier of event layout software, providing accurate professional-looking diagrams for meeting planners, facilities, caterers, special event planners, rental companies, production and audio-visual companies. Their RoomViewer® products provide quick, easy and cost-effective ways to prepare your event diagrams.

CATERWARE has worked with Timesaver to develop and offer an interface program that allows you to work seamlessly between our software and their RoomViewer® suite of products. Saving time is making money! This interface is now provided to our customers as another tool for making you more efficient, profitable and customer responsive.


logo® Food and Beverage Management Software

FOOD-TRAK® (System Concepts, Scottsdale, Arizona) is a complete back-of-house software package designed for the foodservice and hospitality industries. More than just inventory, FOOD-TRAK® is designed to offer a host of related features from food usage and reorder reports, to menu planning and engineering. FOOD-TRAK is your complete solution to increasing your bottom line!

The CATERWARE / FOOD-TRAK® interface allows users of both systems to integrate data from one application to another through an import/export feature.  This useful interface allows maximum use of both applications to exchange data regarding recipes, inventory, and ingredients.


Client-Driven Partnerships

Catering Software for caterers, hotels, clubs, and banquet centersWe are committed to you and the catering industry. Our business professionals have extensive knowledge gained from years of experience in the industry. We understand the challenges of your business, and have the values and desire to satisfy your needs through our personalized support. Our pledge is to provide the most comprehensive software available that delivers value to you at an affordable price, with honest answers to your questions and prompt friendly service for your needs. Examine our products and our company ... and then build your business partnership with CATERWARE. 









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