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CATERWARE Inc.Catering Software for caterers, hotels, clubs, and banquet centers

1601 West Fifth Ave
Suite 211
Columbus, OH  43212

Phone: 877.513.2263
Fax: 614-488-8931

The Company
Founded in 1995 based upon the core strengths of extensive catering industry knowledge & experience and software development. The founders understood the challenges and needs of a catering business, and have translated those needs into industry-leading products and services targeted to make each user more efficient, profitable and client responsive.

Our Guiding Beliefs
These guiding beliefs are the foundation of how our organization and team will operate and behave at all times. They constitute the essence of our management philosophy, and communicate to all "what we stand for" and "what is important to us". 

Conduct - We demonstrate Integrity, Honesty, Trust and Fairness in all that we do. 
We respect all people, and we will treat them as we would expect to be treated.

Clients - Our clients are our business partners and are treated in a manner befitting of the trust they have placed in us. They are the "soul" of our existence. We connect with them through our experience and continuing involvement in the industry. 

Teamwork - Our strength lies in our ability to act as a team. We will apply the creativity and talents of all individuals in pursuit of our common goals. We believe in situational leadership at all levels. 

Innovation - We seek and apply continuous learning in order to deliver state of the art products and services to our clients and the industries that we serve. Promoting a creative environment is essential to maximizing the talent and ability of our team.

Quality - We deliver the highest quality products and services that satisfy our clients' needs through a continual search for excellence in everything that we do. We thrive on satisfying our clients and ourselves.

Our Mission
"To understand and satisfy the specialty software needs and solutions of the hospitality industry. We succeed only if our efforts enable our clients to operate more efficiently and to better serve their customers".

Client-Driven Partnerships
We are committed to you and the catering industry. Our business professionals have extensive knowledge gained from years of experience in the industry. We understand the challenges of your business, and have the values and desire to satisfy your needs through our personalized support. Our pledge is to provide the most comprehensive software available that delivers value to you at an affordable price, with honest answers to your questions and prompt friendly service for your needs. Examine our products and our company ... and then build your business partnership with CATERWARE. 








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