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CATERWARE currently maintains an install base of over 500 users across the United States.  Many of our users have offered to discuss their CATERWARE experience.  Please contact us at 877.513.2263.


Catering Software for caterers, hotels, clubs, and banquet centers
..."I love it! After a tireless search for catering software I came across a demo for CATERWARE and a few other products. Some of those were more expensive some were less, but none of them as easy to understand and utilize as yours. All the demos came with a program to utilize for a few weeks. I implemented three of them. I would plug in the same banquet information into all three programs. CATERWARE was the only system I didn't have to keep referring to the " how to manual " to input something.

CATERWARE was also the only company of the three that actually advised I try out the system before I bought it. There were no heavy handed sales people trying to push something on me. It was "Try it, if you have questions call, and if it fits in with your needs we will take care of you immediately." So I made the decision to go with CATERWARE and it has never been regretted.

... In 3 minutes I can have a complete bid ready to discuss with a guest. This is a plus in my corner against the competition...I have tripled my banquet business in the last 18 months, I could not have done that without CATERWARE. Without the use of this software I was spending more time doing paperwork then selling. Now I can spend the needed time with the guest, gaining their trust not working numbers in my office.

Thank you so much for this great software, your quick response with call backs, continued support when I have questions and above all your kind manner. It is truly appreciated!"

 - Elizabeth Locke-Thomas
Director of Food & Beverage
San Luis Rey Downs Golf Club & Resort











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